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Highest quality is our claim. Our products have a unique selling point in various areas.

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We only have this one planet.
That’s why our products are world leaders in sustainability.

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The Membratech® A-Series is the future of global water treatment. Various juries and institutions confirmed it!

Multiple award !!! The world’s leading Membratech® A-Series

High quality components, advanced technology, unmatched performance and unmistakable design, that’s the Membratech® A-Series. Whether in private households, companies or the gastronomy / hotel industry. The A-Series cuts a good figure everywhere!

Thats what our customers say

We are very satisfied with the purchase of several Membratech® A505 in 2017. We offer our employees water of unrivaled quality for free, which is also very well received. 5 Stars!

We have been owners of a Membratech® A303 for 3 years and do not want to miss it anymore. The water just tastes incomparably good and we no longer have to carry water boxes.

At first I was skeptical, but today I have to say that this was one of the best investments of recent years. My miniature waterworks has had a special place in my kitchen for years and is running at full speed due to my increased water consumption.

In 2017, we purchased several Membratech® A505s for our sites in Pforzheim, Sri Lanka, India and North America and are very satisfied. Despite different water conditions in the various countries, the plants run like a clockwork and produce water in top quality.

Above all, speed and a unique selling point play a major role in gastronomy. With our Membratech® A808 as a central miniature waterworks, we operate both the dishwasher, the gastro-coffee machine and our dispensing taps. We offer our own domestic water and the customers love it!

The first way in the morning, after I get into business, always leads me to my Membratech® A505. I could not have imagined that one could become so addicted to the water. My employees and I drink a lot more than before and our business partners are very enthusiastic.

We have been the proud owners of a Membratech® A303 for several years and we are really satisfied. My husband drinks a lot more water than before and our skin has got a lot better too.

For three years now, we have also been the proud owners of two Membratech® A505 waterworks. The water not only tastes excellent because of its purity, but we also drink much more than before and our well-being has changed a lot for the better. 5 Stars!

As an environmentally responsible company committed to sustainability, we wanted to provide our employees, customers and business partners with the Membratech® A505, an economical solution in this area that, to our delight, exceeded all expectations. The system is not only very high quality processed, but also extremely powerful. The water quality is fantastic and we have not had to buy bottled water for years.

With my Membratech® A404 + alkaline upgrade, I can produce the highest quality alkaline water, which was very important to me as a health conscious person. Whenever I have guests, they always go to the kitchen after they have welcomed me to take some water from the system. Great product!

As a passionate water drinker, my Membratech® A505 has become irreplaceable for me. I have never drank such good water. My employees and customers are also enthusiastic.

For 2 years we own a Membratech® A707 with coffee function. The quality of the system is really enormous, I’ve never seen anything like that before, although I was really busy with the topic before buying it. For a small lease I run my own waterworks, awesome!

Three years ago, I became aware of a friend of MEMBRATECH GmbH, which already had a water treatment from the company. After a really detailed consultation by the Managing Director of MEMBRATECH GmbH, I decided to buy a Membratech® A202. That was one of my best decisions. My son and I love the facility!

My Membratech® A505 titanium silver is a real design object. Every client and business partner who comes to visit me is always fascinated by this system. Also, the water tastes fantastic and I really save a lot of money because I no longer have to buy expensive bottled water.

Every day we are excited about our Membratech® A505. The many different types of water are also great! My favorite is the sparkling water with the big pearls and my wife loves the chilled silent water. Great product!

My sister used to swarm with her Membratech® A202 for a long time, until I decided to buy this model as well. I have not regretted it for a second, i am absolutely fascinated by this great water quality.

I love our Membratech® A505. I have never seen such high quality equipment from other suppliers. Incredible!

I love my Membratech® A606 in original Ferrari Maranello Rosso livery. The plant is not only absolutely phenomenal, but delivers a water quality of the highest quality. I keep asking myself how I could buy only bottled water over the years. You definitely taste the difference.

We bought two Membratech® A505 titanium silver to have an attachment on each floor of our house. The quality of the water is really high, so we cook with the water and we noticed that even the food tastes better. The tea, of course, too. 5 Stars!

We own two Membratech® A505 nacre white. A great product!

For our customers, as well as for us sellers, THERMOMIX is a religion of its own. Three years ago, the Membratech® systems were added. Many of my group have bought a plant like mine and idolize it as well as our THERMOMIX. Only Vorwerk may never know that. 5 Stars!

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Quality and efficiency are very important to us, especially with regard to customer satisfaction. We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support forum if you have any questions and our competent team will answer you as soon as possible!

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