DILIXIN® is an effective 2-component chlorine dioxide for drinking water disinfection.

  • Easy to apply

    Simple drinking and tank water conditioning

  • Fast ready to use

    Only 90 minutes reaction time

  • Effectively

    Active against bacteria and Legionella in drinking water

  • Efficient

    25x stronger than hydrogen peroxide and 10x more disinfecting than chlorine

  • Checked

    Permissible procedure according to german drinking water regulations

  • Extra long shelf life

    Activation of DILIXIN® before use

  • Environmentally friendly


  • Good material compatibility

    Seals, pipelines, etc. are not damaged by the use of DILIXIN®

  • Gentle on the skin

    pH-neutral application

Hygienically perfect drinking water

Ideal for tanks, drinking water systems, pipes or on the move.

Safe to handle

Activation of the concentrate only immediately before use.

Dissolves the biofilm

Effectively dissolves dangerous biofilms in pipes and tanks.

Permanently combats pathogens

Bacteria, e.g. Legionella, viruses, pathogenic germs, fungi.

Effective disinfecting effect

25 times stronger than hydrogen peroxide

Without heavy metals

pH-neutral in the application. Does not contain heavy metals such as Silver or copper ions

Ingredients DVGW compliant

Chlorine dioxide listed according to DVGW worksheet W224, DVGW worksheet W557, DVGW worksheet W291

Process according to DIN

DIN EN12671: Products for the treatment of water for human consumption
DIN EN12678: Products for the treatment of water for human consumption